Cutting-Edge Premium Technology

Solar technology is evolving and we are at the forefront. Sol-Up is constantly scanning the market for the newest solar products and negotiating with manufacturers all over the world to always provide you with the most advanced, efficient and reliable solutions available.

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Your solar installation process - simplified!

We analyze your roof using satellite images and create a system design based on your power bill. We provide in-home site visits for a free energy consultation and present our solar proposal.

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Eliminate Your Power Bill

A solar electric system from Sol-Up USA will eliminate your monthly power bill or at least significantly reduce your monthly payments and lock in your rates.

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The Sol-Up Solar Advantage

Sol-Up is a leading Southern California solar company that uses the latest solar technologies and installation methods to provide clients with the best solar systems. We have specially trained technicians that perform our panel installations, ensuring that our customers not only receive quality products, but also an expert solar installation for optimal energy collection.

How Sol-Up Is Different

Sol-Up is not just a contractor like many others solar companies, but instead an organization with a huge commitment to the future of solar energy and the ambition to entirely change the energy landscape of California. Our goal is to make the Orange County a leader in solar energy production!

Sol-Up USA is a privately owned California and Las Vegas solar company with a rock-solid financial base. Our success is completely reliant on the satisfaction of our customers. We believe in honesty, reliability and responsibility, and treat you with the utmost friendliness and respect.

Why Go Solar?

Many people that are considering changing their homes over to solar power do so because of the savings they will enjoy from not having to pay an energy bill. While this is a very large advantage to using solar power, there are also additional financial benefits to be realized.

Financial Incentives

California electrical rates are among the highest in the U.S. A recent study by the Energy Information Administration showed that California residents pay nearly 41 percent more for energy than the national average. Along with ideal conditions for collecting solar energy, at returns of nearly 18 cents per KW, Californians can recoup investment costs in just a few years.

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California Sunshine

There are few places in the world with comparable sunshine conditions to Southern California. Almost nowhere can you find a place with so many residential homes perfectly suited to carry a rooftop solar system.

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Renewable Energy Is Sustainable

We at Sol-Up care about the environment and the future of our children. No matter what political affiliation you may have, most people will likely agree that everything possible needs to be done to keep this world livable for our children, grandchildren and future generations to come.

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Sol-Up EV Charging Stations

Owning an electric vehicle was your first step to living sustainably. Let us help you transform the way you charge your EV – better and more efficient!

More and more drivers are driving electric vehicles. We help modernize parking infrastructure and attract more visitors to businesses with a wide range of high-tech and affordable EV charging stations.

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